Case Studies

Packaging Success

The key to any successful business relationship is trust. At Vail, we understand that trust is earned through positive experiences and delivering on our promises.

We go above and beyond to make sure that everything is done right the first time. Ask one of our representatives how we can help your organization. Our collection of Packaging Success stories highlight how we back our promises with action!

Total Solutions

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  • Reduce on-site customer inventory
  • Increase cash on hand
  • Annual packaging audit
  • Reduced warehousing costs by $60,000
  • Packaging audit provided cost savings of $120,000

Design Innovation

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  • Eliminate over packaging
  • Use a simpler design
  • Ship product pre-folded
  • Reduced total packaging costs by 45%
  • Reduced damage claims

Design Efficiency

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  • Changed carton design
  • Reduced the number of cartons required from 15 to 7
  • 4:1 assembly ratio achieved with design
  • Carton sealing tape required cut in half

Inventory Management

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  • Warehousing program
  • Eliminate packaging waste
  • Optimize materials used


  • Reduced customer inventory by 1 truckload
  • Material changes reduced costs and lead time


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Ease of Use

  • Space Saving
  • Consistent Assembly Cost
  • Safety
  • No Stapling
  • Minimal Set-up
  • Reels go Directly to Production Line